Next to Godliness

What to do? Your eagle-eyed mother-in law is descending next week. Meanwhile, black widows are building condos in your living room, and the dust bunnies have turned into wildebeests. Luckily, NEW DIMENSIONS HOUSEKEEPING AGENCY specializes in doing the dirty work for you. True, the name sounds like a Werner Erhard self-help movement, but among select real-estate agents and local neatniks, this small, trustworthy company has a well-earned reputation as the most fastidious game in town. Owner Daniel Pardel, who has run his cleaning-referral agency since 1984, guarantees all his work - whether it's a one-time spring scouring; an after-party mop-up; weekly or biweekly scrubs; or any persnickety chores you require, including floor waxing, carpet cleaning, laundering, and ironing. Prices are reasonable (for regular cleanings, $50 for the first three hours; special cleanings run more), and they'll send one of their friendly cleaners as far as Marin, the East Bay, and the Peninsula. Oh, and need you ask? They do windows. - L.C. NEW DIMENSIONS HOUSEKEEPING AGENCY, (415) 731-4900


Reprinted by permission of San Francisco magazine, July 1999